Monday, January 17, 2011

Much Needed Pampering

Today I took my birthday cash and actually spent it on me! Most of the time I buy my kids stuff, pay a bill, or buy groceries with it...but not this time!

My little sis Holly is 1 week from graduating beauty school so I went to see her for a haircut and a pedicure. My hair had gotten so long from being neglected so I got a lot of length cut off. The pedicure was relaxing and so worth it! My toes actually look cute instead of their normal crypt keeper appearance. haha

As a mom, I tend to neglect myself and always give and give to my kids, and feel guilty about taking care of myself. Not anymore people! It is hard to love myself when I treat myself so poorly!!! Taking care of my basic needs is the least I can do for myself. Have you slacked on your grooming since your weight gain, or from being a mom?

It is the little things that I have made a vow to do for myself from now on...and here they are:

1. Keep hand and body lotion my bed to help me remember to moisturize my hands are starting to look ashy and old and I always forget about them!

2. Make and keep regular hair appointments

3. Shave my legs regularly...even in the winter time. Brian will love this one.

4. Remember all vitamins and supplements

5. Most Important: Give myself a BREAK. Love myself...flaws and all. Accept me for me... and Smile! :)

Here is a look at the party in my tummy today:

1/2 grapefruit
1/2 whole wheat tortilla
2 turkey sausage links
1 slice of reduced fat colby cheese

Monster energy drink (low carb)--I know, not so healthy...but I was curious if it would give me a boost. I was not impressed personally.

S: Fruit & Nut Bar and water

1 whole wheat wrap with fresh baby spinach, cheese, turkey. This tasted amazing!

4 oz baked tomato & basil chicken
baked spicy asparagus with drizzle of olive oil
spinach salad with green olives, green onions, cheese, croutons, and ranch

Water, Water , Water late in the day...and chewing on key lime pie extra gum--my fave

No exercise tonight--gotta get ready for the 1st day of spring semester. :)


  1. Spending money/time on yourself is SO important. I'm glad you spent your birthday money on you!! :)

  2. This post is a happy post! Very glad to hear you spent it on YOU! And that you had a good time, of course. That's awesome. Now all you need is a good night's sleep to top it off! :)

  3. I think all moms struggle with this, but it's so important!! We can't very well take care of our families if we don't take care of ourselves first. Enjoy it!!

  4. Katie it's so true. I neglect myself big time. I have a friend who is also in WW and she said to me the other day, "Momma's gotta take care of herself too."

    For many years, partly because of my weight, I've put my all into taking care of my husband and children (which I love doing) that I forgot about myself. I like your list of things that you're going to do for yourself. I think I need to adopt the same list. I know my hubby will be happy with my legs being smooth rather than spiky! Thank you for the post!!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  5. You know, I've been told to go pamper myself with a pedi for YEARS now..and I just can't ever make myself do it. Maybe that'll be my birthday present to myself (March). Hmm. Great job on enjoying the relaxation!

    By the way, I think I'm the only girl in the winter that can't stand leg hair! I don't know why.. I'm weird like that :)

  6. No, no, NOOOOOOO! A list of totally normal everyday things I should do that I don't do. But it's good. Still it hurts. I can so relate to this post!

  7. Great idea to look after and pamper yourself more. I'm the same, always focused on my spouse and the kids. Love your blog, by the way. Cheers!