Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Did you even know I was gone????

School started on January 18th for me. January 19th is when I gave up on the whole 100 in 11 thing. I kind of feel like I can only handle 1 tough thing at a time. School does not come easy for me...then you add in raising 3 girls and all of the other responsibilities that we all face. I am overwhelmed. Food comforts me during those brief moments when I feel like I cannot do it all.

I have not given up completely though, or I would not be here typing this now.

I signed up for weight watchers online and will start fresh tomorrow. Luckily, I have only gained 1 lb during my "vacay" from my dream of losing 100 lbs.

Vacay is ova...and I am back. I will be posting before pics(cringe)...finally reveal my weight(double cringe)...and get real with myself. Work hard, stop making excuses, and just get this party started.