Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tough Weekend

Seems like all my 3 girls (Kaitlin-11, Audra- 4, and Evie- 2) wanted to do this weekend was FIGHT! They yell, they fight, and sad but true: momma wants to eat to make it go away! It never works, but for some strange reason food tricks me into believing it will.

Weigh in is tomorrow to mark the end of week 4 and I expect to either stay the same or have a slight gain. I look forward to a fresh week and a new beginning. GONNA KICK WEEK 5 IN THE ASS.

I am adding ZUMBA to my work out regimen--and I am so super hype about it! I love.. love.. love to dance, so this should bea great way to get in a lot of cardio that I actually enjoy.

Hope you all are taking good care of yourselves & are having a better weekend than me!!  ;)


  1. Hi, new follower here. I'll take some time to catch up on your blog. Best wishes!

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