Friday, July 22, 2011

The Battle That I Plan on Winning


I have not posted since May. I have been eating every single bite of the things I wanted....definately not what my body needed. AND, laying around feeling sorry for myself, getting no physical activity. So, basically I have been feeling like a turd. The mirror has not been my friend, and I have been wearing my "fat" clothes, and they were beginning to get tight......I gained all of my weight back PLUS some since the January loss....

That is...until 4 weeks ago!  YAY

I am back! I wanted to make sure that I was really "for real" this time before I  post on my blog. This is for real. I can just feel it!

Here is a quick list to show you what I have been up to in the last 4 weeks:

-began a daily food/work-out journal (that i have kept up with religiously)
-working out side my side with my husband--sweating!
-shopping for the freshest produce/making super yummy & healthy meals in the correct portions
-smiling...a lot
-eating between 1200-1600 calories per day
-playing with my 3 girls more
-getting a tan, doing quite a bit of swimming
-getting our house organized/lots of cleaning

These all sound great, but it was NOT easy in the beginning. I was a little whiny brat on week 1 and week 2! I missed the comfort of eating tons of sweets after a big meal and washing it all down with a mt. dew. When stressed, there were no cheese dip and chips to take my mind off of the current crappy thing that was happening to me: whiny/crying kids, unexpected bill in the mail, appliances breaking down left and right, massive amounts of school work piling up, etc...

BUT I whined and moaned and groaned my way through it. And it is so worth it. I have ditched the self-sabotaging crap that makes me miserable...and fat...and lethargic....all of the things that make me feel worthless and stupid. Without them I feel so free. It seems like it should be as easy as the past couple of weeks, but it never is. This will be a constant battle. The battle that I plan on winning.


Wow, I thought I was the stuff back then. LOL... Nice back drop.


  1. Welcome back step at a time, and it looks like your already up 2 flights of