Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Day Jillian Challenge

So, I joined a 31 day fitness challenge which consists of doing any of Jillian Michael's videos every single day in the month of October.

I had serious doubts that I could do this, but I joined around 1,000 other women on facebook last week anyway.

I have found words of encouragement, funny posts, pictures, and realized that I have a ton in common with the ladies in this group. Having people to communicate with that are going through the same struggles is so important.

I have to be honest, I had a million reasons to NOT start on day 1 of this challenge. I can name a few at the top of the list: 1. hubby has stomach bug 2. all 3 kids are cranky 3. house is a mess 4. course work that needs to be done 5. tired as hell


I knew that if I worked out, it would turn my bad/sad mood around...and it did! I completed 20 minutes of routine 1 on the 30 Day Shred DVD. It was not easy, and I yelled a lot and almost cried once, but I did it. Even though I had a 3 and 5 year old right beside me, a pug under my feet, I did it.


1 comment:

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